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in the performance of their duties.  The Assistant Chief Inspector should contribute to the safety, reliability, and economy by anticipating equipment problems, developing capable employees with effective tools and procedures, and by judicious use of contract personnel, equipment, and supplies in order that it may comply with all the applicable Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR’s), company procedures, and manufacturer’s procedures and recommendations.

The Assistant Chief Inspector will supervise, and when necessary, perform inspection duties after maintenance has been performed on an aircraft. 

  1. Ensures that all employees follow the company’s prescribed safety, quality, and security
    practices in the performance of their duties.

  2. Ascertains that inspections assigned are properly and completely performed before the article is released for a return to service.

  3. Ensures that the preliminary, in progress, hidden damages, and final inspection and work order reviews are being conducted  in accordance with the Repair Station Manual.  

  4. Responsible to see that authorized parts, materials, lubricants, etc., are used throughout the agency, and is responsible for the substitution of equivalent parts and inspection of  receivable  parts and materials.  

  5. Ensures that repair station personnel follow the regulations.

  6. Serves as the primary contact with the FAA.  

  1. Manages the inspection department by:

    1. Reviewing and approving the anticipated work schedule

    2. Maintaining a general knowledge of all work being performed

    3. Planning for long range work requirements involving major components and rework

    4. Training personnel in the recordkeeping procedures

    5. Coordinating and aligning maintenance activities into the daily schedule

  2. Ascertain that all maintenance and inspections are properly performed on all completed work, and that the proper inspection records, reports, and forms used by the Repair Station are properly executed prior to releasing the product to return to service.  

  3. Ensures all maintenance performed on the aircraft is accomplished in accordance with our Repair Station Manual, Quality Control Manual, and Repair Station Operations Specifications, as well as all applicable 14 CFR’s.

  4. Coordinates with other company department heads.

  1. Determines when maintenance check flights are necessary for returning aircraft to service, and arranges for the flights.

  2. Will maintain a close liaison with local FAA assigned inspector.

  3. Is responsible for the revisions and distribution of our Repair Station System Manuals.

  4. Review all records of work performed, prescribe proper repair methods, provide installation details, and determine the method of approval.

  5. Responsible to see that all maintenance and alterations are accomplished in accordance with approved data.

  6. Maintains in current condition the Manufacturer’s Service Manuals, Instructions, Service Bulletins, Airworthiness Directives, Federal Aviation Regulations, Type Certificate Data Sheets, Federal Aviation Administration approved data, and aircraft specifications appropriate to the aircraft being maintained.

  7. Responsible for the proper recording and completion of all RII inspection functions.  Inspects or provides qualified inspectors for the inspection and return to service of RII Items.

  8. Prescribes a searching inspection for areas of possible damage caused by an accident.

  9. Provides current and adequate inspection forms and ensures their proper completion.

  10. Responsible for ascertaining all Maintenance records are properly maintained and retrievable.

  11. Prescribes appropriate guidelines for the inspection of work performed away from the approved maintenance base.

  12. Ensures compliance with applicable airworthiness directives, bulletins, etc.

  13. Assign and train maintenance personnel in Repair Station and Quality Control Manual procedures.  Maintains up-to-date training records on all personnel.

  14. Assess that the periodic checks and calibrations are made on all new and existing precision tools and test equipment, and that current records are maintained of those checks and calibrations in accordance with the calibration control program described in the applicable section of the Repair Station Manual.

  15. Developing the Audits that are required by the Repair Station.

  16. Determining that all technical data on all articles overhauled or repaired by the Repair Station are secured and kept current with the latest revisions. This data will include Repair Stations process specification for limited rating specialized services, manufacturers overhaul manuals, service bulletins, part specifications, related Federal Aviation Administration approved data, and other technical data used by the Repair Station.  In addition, ensure that all military technical orders used in the overhaul and repair of components have been evaluated and approved by the FAA.

  17. Responsible for periodically reviewing calibration records and confirming that all precision equipment requiring calibration, is within calibration per the time limits specified by the Manual.

  18. Determine that defective, unserviceable, unapproved or unairworthy parts are not installed in any component or article released for return to service by the Repair Station.

  19. Submit reports of defects or unairworthy condition in accordance with 14 CFR 145.221.

  20. Ensure the proper execution of FAA Form 337 when required, and/or a maintenance release.

  21. Accomplish the final acceptance of all incoming material, including new parts, supplies, and the airworthiness of articles on which work has been performed outside the Repair Station by contract, prior to the installation of such items.

  22. May conduct the preliminary, hidden damage, in-progress, and final inspection of all articles processed by the Repair Station and record results as outlined in the Repair Station Manual.

  23. Oversee the proper tagging and identification of all parts and components as outlined in the Repair Station Manual.

  24. Monitor the Inspection personnel status and Discrepancy Action Card or Discrepancy Action Report initial blocks, to provide for continuity of inspection responsibility, ensuring completion of inspection when personnel shift or assignment changes occur.

  25. Maintain files of completed Work Orders and inspections forms in such a manner that the file pertaining to a specific item repaired can be readily located for review. These records will be kept available as outlined in 14 CFR Part 145.219.

  26. Inspect Avionics related items that require the certification of a licensed airframe mechanic, such as antenna installations, radio racks, electrical wiring, and associated weight and balance data.

Required to hold a current FAA Airframe and Power plant Certificate, have at least 3 years of experience as a certificated mechanic on aircraft including at the time of appointment, as Accountable Manager/Inspector, and the recent experience requirements of FAR 65.83 in the same category and class of aircraft maintained by the Repair Station (or at least 3 years of experience with a Certified Airframe Repair Station, including 1 year in the capacity of approving aircraft for return to service).  Meets the requirements of supervisory personnel as per 14CFR 145.153.

Required to know all aspects of our Repair Station and Quality Control Manuals, and the details of our Repair Station Operations Specifications that are related to maintenance, as well as all aspects of maintenance requirements pertaining to 14 CFR Part 145 and other applicable regulations necessary for the proper performance of his/her duties.

Customer Service – Manages difficult or emotional customer situations, responds promptly to customer needs, solicits customer feedback to improve service, responds to requests for service and assistance, and meets commitments.

Interpersonal Skills – Focuses on solving conflict through positive collaboration, maintains confidentiality, keeps emotions under control, remains open to others’ ideas, and tries new things.

Expectations for All Employees:

All employees support the organization’s mission, vision, and values by applying the principles of trust, honesty, respect, integrity, and commitment that is exhibited through a collaborative culture based on safety, quality, and security.

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